The Man and His Muscle

Man and his Muscle


Members of Rochester Take Back the Land came out in force to support George Douglass when Wells Fargo forclosed on him despite his persistent effort to get them renegotiate the payments.    In the past, Take Back the Land has been able to help people stand up to big banks to hold on to their homes.

Unfortuantely, that was not the case for George Douglass.  The Marshall showed up with a contingent of police at a different time than had been announced,  and there was nothing anyone could do to save the situation.

On the left is George Dardess’ drawing of his impression of events.    I asked him to write a little description of the event to go with it, and here is what he had to say:   

I drew “The Man and his Muscle” to honor the courageous example of George Douglass, whose Rochester home was foreclosed by Wells Fargo on April 1. Although my wife Peggy and I are not formal members of Rochester’s Take Back the Land, we try to support the group’s efforts whenever we can. I had taken part in the December 2 rally in support of Mr Douglass’s cause, and again at the latest rally, on March 31.

Peggy and I spent an hour with Mr. Douglass the next day, as part of Take Back the Land’s plan to have a witness present when the U.S. Marshal arrived to dispossess him. Peggy and I were impressed during our visit by Mr. Douglass’s calm understanding of his situation and of his determination, not only to defend his own human right to own a home, but also to encourage others in his predicament to defend their rights as well.

The Marshal, along with many members of Rochester’s police force, came not that day but the next. I based my cartoon on a video of the event. My caricatures of the Marshal and of the policeman aren’t meant to demean them, but to suggest visually what happens to good people when they allow themselves to become tools of corporatism.

To learn more about this event, see:
Rochester Indymedia: George Douglass Evicted! Shame on Wells Fargo.

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