McCain & The FSA, In Case You are Curious

John McCain’s meeting with commanders of the Free Syrian Army just over a year ago is old news.   But, it keeps coming back   There are some pretty damning photos of the meeting and those who attended floating around the internet..  I, along with many others, assumed that at least some of the photos were doctored to implicate Senator McCain in deliberate collaboration with Al-Qaeda leaders in Syria.   You can look at the photos yourself.

However, I found the following report on the internet, which shows that the images are straight out of McCain’s press packet.

Immediately after this story was released, The Daily Star in Lebanon, hardly a pro-Syria news outlet, ran an article saying that two hostages, recently freed by a radical FSA group, The Northern Storm Brigade, recognized one of the men with McCain as Mohammad Nour, “the chief spokesperson and photographer” for their kidnappers.  They also recognized another man from among their kidnappers in the photos as “Abu Ibrahim”.  (more on him later)    The man in the doorway in the first photo is the one identified as Nour Mohammad.  The group was, at the time, still holding 9 Lebanese hostages.

There was something of a flap, though it passed quickly in the mainstream media, and became an something of an urban legend in alternative news sources on the internet.   McCain responded with a  statement saying that he would have nothing to do with a terrorist/kidnapper, and that he had not been introduced to anyone in the group named Mohammad ‘Nour’ or Abu ‘Ibrahim’.   McCain said that he had entered Syria from Turkey with FSA General Salim Idris, who had arranged for him to meet with two FSA Commanders to hear in person what their needs were..   It was later reported that the White House was aware of his arrangements.   The Huffington Post quotes McCain as saying In a CNN interview, “We can identify who these people are. We can help the right people,”  The rest of the article is devoted to McCain’s opinion that we need to supply the FSA (or whomever he met) with heavy weapons.  “They do not understand”. he is quoted as saying, “why we won’t help them.”  The article features the photo of McCain with Nour Mohammad (not identified) behind him.

Returning to the man named ‘Ibrahim’, the commander of the Northern Storm Brigade prior to the meeting was a man who went by the name ‘Abu Ibrahim’.   However, according to the article in the Daily Star, the commander of the Northern Storm Brigade,  “Ammar Al-Dadikhi, aka Abu Ibrahim” was reportedly killed a few months before the meeting.  The article doesn’t specify who was indicated in the photo. But the kidnap victims weren’t people who know the leadership of various organizations by name.  They were identifying men they saw by the names they heard them called.   If a man named Ibrahim was treated in their presence as a commander, and if they were told by the reporters that ‘Abu Ibrahim’ was commander of the Northern Storm Brigade, then they would assume that the man theymet was that same Abu Ibrahim.

But there is another explanation.   There is a man in the pictures who very much resembles ISIS Emir, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, whose birth name just happens to be Awwad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri al-Samarrai.  I.e., his name is Ibrahim.  The man I am referring to is sitting left front in the photo taken during the meeting, and is standing behind McCain in the photo with General Idris, where the girl in pink coat (McCain’s translator I assume) is front and center.   I have not personally met Al-Baghdadi, and don’t have the visual recognition skills to say that the man in the photo either is or is not Al-Baghdadi.   But he does resemble him, and  no one has identified him as anyone else – except perhaps Abu Ibrahim.  Personally, I would trust the identification of an Arab ex-hostage who saw the man on several occasions while in captivity.  If he thinks the guy is someone named ‘Ibrahim’, he might be right.

In the photos, it seems like the scene is set to have a favorable impression on an American.   Most of the men are in western dress, and the translator is a woman wearing jeans and a fitted jacket, and carrying an iPhone.   At first I thought the man I identified as potentially Al-Baghdadi was wearing western clothes as well, which might be surprising for a man clearly suffering from a messiah complex.   But then I realized that he is wearing the same black robe as he wore this summer when he announced the founding of the Caliphate with himself as Emir in Ar-Raqqa.   His beard is a little shorter and he’s not wearing a turban, but check it out for yourself:

The man in the photo actually looks more like the recent photos of Al-Baghdadi the Emir of IS than the recent photo looks like the old photo from the archives of the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

So far this is nothing but a tempting conspiracy theory.  I read somewhere that it’s an addictive one, too juicy to drop once you see it has a root into reality.   Most likely there is no way to do get confirmation regarding who the man in black at that meeting was..  But, there is something important in all this.   John McCain, representing the US government, is making decisions about conducting a war based on meetings with people about whose identities he doesn’t have a clue.  It would be fun to indict McCain for material support of terrorists, but I wouldn’t give him that much credit.   McCain is a fool, and he doesn’t  know or care with whom he is dealing.  He has been seduced by what is, in his eyes, a romantic  revolution against a government that is not favored by his friends in the US power grid..  He lives in a blood soaked dream where violence and cruelty are the basis of dominance and dominance is not just a goal, but an assumed right..

General Idris, one of the highest US identified officials in McCain’s revolution arranged a meeting with men introduced under false names.  He deceived him.   Idris was eventually driven from his post as  Chief of Staff of the Supreme Military Council (SMC) of the Free Syrian Army, most likely by ISIS fighters. But ultimately, Idris subversion is small potatoes.    It doesn’t really matter who attended that meeting,  who Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is, whether McCain met with, made promises to, a representative of the Northern Storm Brigade, apparently a bunch of bandits, or the Emir of IS himself.   It doesn’t matter any more than it matters when or how Osama Bin Laden died, just as it doesn’t matter that Senator McCain, former Presidential candidate McCain, is a violent and deluded power player.    They are all pawns in the latest version of the Great Game for global dominance..



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