Toxic Fumes

New rumors of the Assad Government using poison gas have emerged since Seymour Hersh published ‘The Red Line and the Rat Line‘, a detailed report connecting the dots from the poison gas attack on a suburb of Damascus held by members of the insurgency to Turkish government officials backing them.  Hersh could not publish his piece in the United States, or even in the ‘news’ section of The Guardian, but rather in the London Review of Books.

Today, on Democracy Now!, headlines included a new claim that the Syrian Government has (again?) perpetrated a chlorine gas attack.   A previous attack with chlorine gas was traced by the Russians, prior to the attack on Ghouta, to a chlorine factory in Aleppo which is controlled by  al Nusra fighters.   Since the only chlorine gas factory in Syria is under the control of al Qaeda and the government is in the midst of an internationally facilitated ( and moderated ) campaign to remove all of their chemical weapons and precursor chemicals from the country, it would seem that the absurdity of the current claim is clear.  Reference was made to competing claims, but no mention of this history. 

It’s not that Democracy Now! is alone in this kind of reporting, or that it is not covering other significant issues from a progressive perspective.   In fact, Democracy Now! is not the point here.   It just happens to be the show I was watching.  These lies cycle endlessly  through the US mainstream news, and I will make the claim that Democracy Now! is a part of the mainstream news, though a marginal one.

Bottom line: no matter what information comes to light, the propaganda factory grinds on, obscuring the  truth in a cloud of toxic fumes from which there is no escape.

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