UN Press Briefing on Syria (Updated)

I was one of the speakers at a UN Press Briefing on Syria with Syrian Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar Ja’fari. I was glad to say something positive about the Syrian Election as were the other Election Observers who spoke at this conference. Initially we each made a 2 minute statement which was also in a program distributed in the press packet. Ambassador Ja’fari spoke, and then some questions were directed to the Observers about the election process.

Dr. Ja’fari, the Syrian Ambassador had important things to say.    Unfortunately, the live stream was interrupted repeatedly.   The Syrian story is not for prime time viewing.  However, we were able to get the complete recording, which is below along with Ambassador Jaafari’s response to further questions by Press TV after the briefing.  Some of the questions were quite hostile but that is hardly a surprise. His tone was painfully sincere as he explains the abuse piled on his country by the rich and powerful U.S. hegemon and its lackeys in the Middle East and Europe as the ‘misunderstanding between the Syrian government and the American government.’

Dr. Ja’fari was initially questioned about a draft resolution in the UN to provide aid to the Syrian people. He says it is a good idea and they are working hard on it, but there has been little action on this issue so far and some of the ‘stakeholders’ (Jordan, the US, Britain and France) are already deeply involved in the Syrian Crisis. The issue currently being deliberated is the opening of new crossings for the aid from neighboring countries. There are already open crossings into these countries supported by the Syrian government, he said, but little aid comes through.

Most of the aid, he says is lethal and non-lethal weapons that arrive and then move into the hands of ‘the terrorists’, most recently ISIS. He goes on to say that ISIS is a minor detail in the Syrian Crisis. The problem is those who are backing them.

Press TV Interview: Mideast crises West bid to protect Israel interests: Jaafari

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