Who Enabled Trump’s Election?

The last week in march, The New Yorker published “Trump’s Money Man: The Reclusive Hedge Fund Tycoon Behind Trump’s Presidency“.   The article is also on their website.      A friend shared it with me, and the talk of big money behind a presidential campaign brought up mention of the Illuminati.

My view is that it is more about the ignorant thrashing of the nouveau riche than the machinations of the Illuminati.     These are the latest beneficiaries of the Neo Liberal global economy, and they are not pretty.   It’s kind off like looking at Neoconservatives Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz and the genius behind some very poorly conceived U.S. foreign Policy while neglecting  the influence of Henry Kissinger and Zbiegnew Brzezinski, along with Leo Strauss.

Mercer and his supporters are even more ignorant than the Koch brothers.   It is frightening to see power brokers so wildly rich but so profoundly ignorant.   We can only hope that is going to do them in sooner rather than later.

It’s no wonder these men are comfortable with members of the Saudi royal family but hate Assad, Putin and the Iranian leadership.   Educated associates need not apply.

One other point struck me.  Mercer is a computer guy and so are many of his associates.    It appears Mercer and his friends are the ones who hacked the election, using the same skills he developed to manipulate financial markets.   The message appears to be that it was these men who hacked the last election, not the Russians.

I suppose it says something that the New Yorker would devote thousands of words and more than ten dense pages to these arrogant, aggressive contemporary Beverly Hillbillys.   The article certainly isn’t friendly to its subjects, but it is unfortunately long and tedious at points which will limit its circulation.  I’m not certain but it looks like the article on the website is shorter, and perhaps more digestible.   Meanwhile the print article provides a torrent of specific connections and factual evidence that Mercer and his friends are trying to manipulate the course of the United States with their money.

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