Wounds of Waziristan

Last Fall, I met Madiha Tahir in Pakistan when I went there with the CodePink Delegation to meet the victims of U.S. Drone strikes in Waziristan.   I have been working with  the Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and end the Wars to end the Drone Wars for at least 6 years.   As long as I have been protesting outside Hancock Base, Madiha has been speaking out for the Drone Victims in Pakistan, and for all the victims of the ‘War on Terror’ in Pakistan.   She’s an amazingly bright, persistent and outspoken young woman and you can find her website is on my blogroll.

Currently Madiha is finishing up work on a film called Wounds of Waziristan.   I watched the trailer recently and was very impressed by the  images of the people/. They are so clear and unflinching in their gazes.  A very private people, they would prefer not to hold the spotlight.  Their lives are broken, and their homeland is under attack, but they are what they are and they don’t shrink from telling their stories.   Many of these people are involved in a series of lawsuits against the Pakistani government for the suffering caused to themselves, their families and their communities by U.S. Drone strikes with legal support from the Pakistan based Foundation for Fundamental Rights and UK based Reprieve.   Meeting Mirza Shahzad Akbar  of FFR and Clive Stafford Smith of Reprieve was truly an honor.   Meeting some of the the Waziri victims of Drone attacks, along with their leaders and  those chronicling their stories was a privilege.

You will see them in the Trailer I have posted below and hear their stories in the film when it is released.  So, please view the Trailer and look for the film Wounds of Waziristan.

Wounds of Waziristan Trailer from Parergon Films on Vimeo.

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